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How to Use Blush Pink in Your Wedding

Blush pink has been one of the most popular colours for wedding colour schemes in recent years, and there are no signs of it disappearing any time soon! Blush pink is such a versatile colour which looks modern, feminine and elegant. It can be dressed up with gold and white accents, or dressed down with natural hues and lots of greenery.

If you love the blush pink wedding trend but aren't sure how to incorporate the colour into your own wedding, here are some of our favourite ways to use blush pink in your wedding.

Blush Pink Wedding Stationery

Adding accents of blush pink to your wedding stationery is a great way to include the trend in your wedding whilst still keeping things quite subtle. We love the idea of a crisp white envelope with a blush pink lining, so your guests get a pretty surprise when they open up your invite. Blush pink stationery headers or watercolour effect backgrounds look beautiful with gold calligraphy. Make sure to use the same blush pink tones on your save the dates, invites, table settings, and wedding menus to tie everything together.

Blush Pink Wedding Flowers

Blush pink is the perfect colour for your wedding bouquet, especially if you're getting married in the spring or summer. Choose a few of your favourite blush pink roses (or peonies for an extra special touch) and get your florist to match them with complimentary stems like white baby's breath, sprigs of greenbell or eucalyptus leaves. Blush pink bouquets look beautifully romantic - add extra greenery and wildflowers if you prefer a more relaxed boho vibe, or stick to the classic sweetheart roses if you like things to be traditional.

Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Blush pink is a timeless colour that's also bang on trend, so it could be the perfect option for your bridesmaid dresses. Whether you opt for a short or long dress, something structured or more floaty, designer or high street - blush pink looks good on just about everyone! We love the idea of choosing a different blush pink dress for each bridesmaid, making sure they all tone well together, for a modern Pinterest-ready look.

Blush Pink Wedding Decor

Whether you want to go all out or keep things a little more subtle, there are lots of ways to incorporate blush pink into your wedding decor. For the best effect, choose a couple of complimentary shades (such as copper, gold, sage green or navy blue) and add pops of colour to otherwise neutral decor. Depending on your style, you could opt for blush pink bunting and pom poms, blush pink napkins on a neutral table, wreaths of greenery studded with blush pink blooms or blush pink candles in metallic gold candle holders.

Blush Pink Wedding Cakes

You can even include the blush pink theme in your wedding cake too! A blush pink wedding cake topper is a really easy way to do this, or unleash your creative side with a handpainted wedding cake. Ombre wedding cakes are also a great option, with each tier being a different shade of blush pink. Add some gold foil detailing to make your cake look extra special.

What do you think of the blush pink wedding trend?

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