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Wedding Wednesday: Pet-Friendly Weddings

Our pets are always a huge part of our lives, so it's no surprise that many people want to have their pets involved in their weddings! We've noticed a big trend recently for pet-friendly weddings and ceremonies involving our four-legged friends.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to incorporate pets into weddings and have an animal-friendly big day.

Include your pets in your engagement and wedding photos

Pets are like members of your family, so why not include them in your family photos to help you remember your wedding day? From cats and dogs to rabbits and even reptiles, this is a lovely and easy way to involve your pets in your big day. Make sure to discuss this with your photographer in advance so they can capture you and your pets looking your best. If you're not able to have your pets present on your wedding day, you might want to include them in your engagement photo shoot instead.

Let your pet be the flower girl or page boy's companion

They say you should never work with children or animals, but we'll make an exception this time! To maximise the cuteness factor, pair up your pets with the junior members of your wedding party. Add a matching collar or a pretty floral wreath, and your pets can walk the flower girls or page boys down the aisle (or even the grown up members of the wedding party if you don't have any children attending!).

Make your pet the ring bearer

Another lovely way to incorporate your pet into your wedding ceremony is to make them your ring bearer. Tie the rings to their collar with some ribbon, or let them carry the box up the aisle - just make sure you have a human ring bearer on hand to make sure the rings don't go missing!

Include your pet in your vows

Having your pet with you whilst you say your vows is a cute way to personalise your wedding ceremony. You can even go one step further and include your pet when writing your vows. Add a couple of lines about how special your pet is to you both and how you're looking forward to the future as a family (with four-legged members as well as the newly married couple!). Or you could opt for something a little more comical and promise to love your spouse as much as you love your pet!

Will you be including your pet as part of your wedding?

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