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Dinner Party Do’s and Don’ts

Throwing a dinner party might seem like a stressful task, but it can actually be a very enjoyable and laid-back experience as long as you follow these simple dinner party do’s and don’ts.

Do: Plan in advance

Leaving all your planning to the last minute is a recipe for disaster! Plan (and prepare) as much as you can in advance to make sure your dinner party runs smoothly. Planning can include everything from picking a date and guestlist to practicing your menu and buying in plenty of drinks. Before your guests arrive, do as much of the food prep as possible – such as chopping vegetables, making dessert or slow-cooking meat.

Don’t: Invite too many people

It can be tempting to invite all your friends and their partners, plus family members or neighbours, but be realistic with your guestlist. How many places do you have room for around your table? How much food will you be able to produce in your kitchen? Think about how many people you’ll be able to cater for before inviting everyone and then realising you can’t host them all.

Do: Have a practice run

You might want to impress your guests with a fancy new recipe you’ve found or an experimental cocktail you saw on Pinterest. But don’t just dive straight in there – make sure you have a practice run first! This will make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, what ingredients you’ll need, how long things will take to cook, and perhaps most importantly – you’ll know that it will taste good!

Don’t: Forget about dietary requirements

There’s a good chance that at least one of your dinner party guests will have dietary requirements which you’ll need to cater for. Make sure to ask if anyone is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or allergic to any foods. Try to do this before you plan your menu so you can alter your main dishes if possible (or create them a different dietary-friendly option) rather than having to chuck together a salad last-minute.

Do: Hire a caterer

If you’re not very confident in the kitchen, or if you just want to spend the maximum amount of time relaxing with your guests, then hiring a caterer for you dinner party is a great option. Here at Bear Claw Catering, we offer a Dinner Party Catering Service to help you create the perfect dinner party – from coming up with a bespoke menu to helping with table decor and of course cooking and serving a delicious meal.

Don’t: Worry about it being perfect

Of course we all want our dinner party to be as great as possible, but don’t worry too much if it’s not perfect. The whole point of a dinner party is to have a relaxing, enjoyable meal with friends – as long as you’re all having a good evening, no one will notice if the main course is 20 minutes late or if you forgot to use all the correct tableware and cutlery.

What are your top tips or do’s and don’ts for throwing a successful dinner party?

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