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Ultimate Summer Barbecue Menu

It’s hard to pick just one thing we love about summer, but barbecues are definitely near the top of the list. There’s something rather wonderful about cooking outdoors in the sunshine, enjoying a cold drink and taking in the delicious smokey BBQ flavour. Here at Bear Claw Catering, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to create the perfect barbecue menu thanks to our barbecue catering service. Whether it’s for a party, a corporate event or just a family get-together, here are our top tips and a sneaky peek at some of our dishes from this summer’s BBQ menu.

For the Barbecue

The barbecue is the main event, of course, so you need to make sure you’re fully prepared with a good selection of meat, fish and vegetables to cook on the BBQ. Classics like homemade beef or lamb burgers always go down a treat, and you can grill a tasty portobello mushroom for a vegetarian BBQ burger. One of our favourite dishes from our BBQ menu this year is the whole sea bream with lemon and parsley – it’s so fresh and flavoursome, and the idea dish to enjoy in the sunshine. Don’t forget some BBQ skewers for chicken or vegetables. We can’t get enough of our pepper, onion and mushroom tikka skewers. Make sure you have a few different kinds of meat and plenty of vegetarian options so you can keep all your guests happy.

BBQ Salads

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of different salads to accompany your barbecue to keep the meal light and summery. You could go classic with a light new potato salad with creamy mustard dressing, or try something a bit different like a peach, parma ham and mozzarella salad with chilli and oregano. Another favourite from our summer BBQ menu is the quinoa and Mediterranean roasted vegetable salad with Brazil nut pesto, topped with edible flowers – this is like summer on a plate!

Side Dishes for a Barbecue

Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of side dishes too. You’ll need lots of bread and baps for the burgers or to make little BBQ sandwiches – try and get local, artisan bread if you can as it tastes fantastic. Have a selection of sliced cheeses for the burgers too, as well as plenty of condiments and sauces for all the different BBQ meats. Our handmade burger relish is delicious (even if we do say so ourselves!) and some tzatziki goes brilliantly with lamb.

Cold Meats & Platters

Although the barbecue is the star of the show, it’s a good idea to have plenty of cold meats and seafood or vegetarian platters too. This will keep everyone happy whilst they wait for the BBQ meat to cook, and it’s great for a lighter bite in between BBQ courses. As well as sliced meat, like smoked duck or chicken, salami and Serrano ham, make sure to include roasted vegetables, crostinis or even mini Scotch eggs and pork pies. As for seafood, things like smoked salmon and potted smoked mackerel always go down well.


By the time it gets to dessert, everyone will be feeling quite full so it’s best to stick to light, summery puddings. We love our lemon and passion fruit posset or mini pavlovas with kiwi and pomegranate – you can never go wrong with a fruity dessert in the summertime! Things like chocolate brownies are also great for snacking on as the BBQ draws to a close.

What are your favourite barbecue dishes?

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