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Wedding Wednesday: Summer Canape Ideas

We love a good canape at any time of year, but they’re particularly great for summer weddings. What could be better than nibbling some delicious summer canapes in the sunshine – accompanied by a glass of fizz of course! Over the past few weeks we have been perfecting our summer wedding canapes menu, so today we’re sharing a few of our favourite ideas.

Summer Seafood Canapes

Seafood is a must during summer because it tastes fresh, light and delicious. If you’re having a beach wedding or are getting married near the seaside, fish and seafood canapes are sure to be a big hit with your guests. One of our favourites from this year’s summer canape menu is the crayfish with avocado and lime puree on a sweetcorn fritter. The subtly sweet crayfish works wonderfully with the creamy avocado and punchy lime flavours – this tastes like summer in a bite! Another great option is our mackerel canape with horseradish cream, apple and chervil. The distinctive taste of mackerel is contrasted with the peppery horseradish and the crunch of the apple. Delicious!

Vegetarian Wedding Canapes

Making sure you have some vegetarian canapes at your wedding is great so you can cater for all your guests, but it’s also nice to have some light vegetable-based summer canapes even if you’re a meat-eater! Our confit courgette, feta and mint canape is the perfect flavour combination for summer and it’s best enjoyed outdoors on a sunny day. One of our more unusual wedding canapes is our cucumber cups, which come filled with a tasty mix of chickpea puree, feta and black olive. The cucumber makes these light and refreshing, and the filling is Mediterranean inspired so it’s perfect for summer.

Summer Canapes – Meat and Poultry

Duck is one of our favourite kinds of meat, but it is often though of as quite a wintery dish. We’ve given it a summer makeover with our smoked duck canape on a baby gem leaf with mango and chilli jam. The fruitiness of the mango really helps to bring out the flavour of the smoked duck, and the chilli jam gives it a lovely summery kick. Another great summer canape with a fruity twist is our smoked bacon and floral honey wrapped apricots with English wholegrain mustard and soy dressing. These unusual little bites are perfect for a summer wedding. If you want something a little more traditional, you can’t go wrong with our homemade scotch egg canapes served with piccalilli – yum!

Dessert Canapes for a Summer Wedding

Canapes don’t always have to be savoury; dessert canapes are ideal for a summer wedding. On this year’s summer canape menu is our signature “macaron edible flower garden”. Our macarons are placed on small skewers and decorated with edible petals, then arranged inside a pretty moss box. Choose from different flavoured macarons, like red berries and violet, vanilla, rose or apple, and tuck in to the tastiest flower bed you’ve ever seen!

What are your favourite summer canapes?

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