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Wedding Wednesday: Seasonal Spring Canapés

Here at Bear Claw Catering, one of our favourite things about a new season is being able to create a new menu full of fresh flavours. If you’re planning a spring wedding, there are lots of delicious seasonal ingredients on offer which can be worked into your own unique range of seasonal spring canapés. For the perfect spring canape selection, think crisp, refreshing flavours, fresh vegetables and delicious seasonal taste combinations; check out our top ideas for seasonal spring canapés below.


British crab is at its best from April onwards, so for a taste of spring seafood you can’t go wrong with one of our brown crab and avocado canapés. The delicious brown crab meat is served alongside creamy, smooth avocado which contrasts beautifully with the zingy lime purée to create a fresh and flavoursome bite. We top off our seasonal crab canapés with a sprinkle of toasted hazelnuts and apple to give them the perfect amount of crunch. These canapés are ideal for a sophisticated spring wedding.


The strong flavour of venison is often thought of as a wintery taste but venison is still in season in February and March, and by serving it alongside light, punchy flavours it can be transformed into a delicious spring canapé. At Bear Claw Catering, we love serving our thinly sliced smoked venison on a piece of light and crispy melba toast, topped with a little bit of pickled beetroot to lift the flavours and create a tasty morsel your spring wedding guests will love.


The fresh, zesty flavour of lemon is the perfect accompaniment to a spring dessert table. Lemon is in season during the first few months of the year so the flavour will be at its best just in time for creating some lovely mini lemon tarts for a spring wedding. Rather than serving a traditional dessert, why not opt for something a little bit different and serve a range of sweet canapés to your wedding guests? Find out more about Bear Claw Catering’s full range of sweet and savoury spring canapés.


British mackerel comes into season in late spring and early summer, so make the most of it by serving some delicious seafood canapés at your wedding this year. We love the combination of mackerel with apple (which is also in season during spring!), contrasted with some peppery horseradish cream and topped with the subtle taste of chervil. These ones are always a winner at Bear Claw Catering weddings and we’re sure your guests will love them too.


One of the things we love about spring is the arrival of leafy green salad vegetables, like rocket. Rocket comes into season around the beginning of April and its strong, peppery taste makes it ideal for creating a little canapé packed full of flavour. Our favourite way to serve rocket at a spring wedding is in our beef carpaccio canapé with truffle, served on a savoury parmesan sable biscuit.

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