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Outdoor Decor Ideas for Summer Weddings

One of the best things about having a summer wedding is being able to make use of outdoor space. Planning can sometimes be a little bit tricky thanks to the unpredictable British weather, but it's well worth making the effort to decorate your outdoor space. Here are a few of our favourite outdoor decor ideas for summer weddings.

Cocktail Carts & Drinks Stations

Make your drinks area into a feature that's both pretty and practical. Get a vintage drinks trolley and decorate it with flowers or fresh foliage, plenty of paper straws, fresh fruit and garnishes, mixers and bottles of booze. You could even set up different "stations" for different drinks. For example, have a DIY G&T cart with several kinds of gin, mini bottles of tonic water and various herbs, fruit and botanical garnishes, plus a pimp your prosecco station with bottles of prosecco, fresh fruit purees and summer berry garnishes. You could even hire an expert mixologist to create cocktails for your guests at a quirky outdoor cocktail cart.

Fairy Light Canopies

Nothing looks more beautiful than glittering fairy lights giving off a warm glow as the sun sets. Get some festoon lighting and hang it in a canopy to create a stunning decor feature for your summer wedding. This works particularly well if you have outdoor tables for your meal, but it's also great to create a cute little corner for guests to gather in if they fancy popping outside for some fresh air. Add a couple of seats (or maybe even a sofa!) and some blankets so people can cosy up as the evening goes on.

Outdoor Carnival Games

Not only are outdoor games a quirky decor feature, they also give your guests something to do whilst you're busy getting your photographs taken after the ceremony. Look for vintage style carnival games (like a test your strength hammer game) or outdoor versions of childhood classics, such as Jenga. You can also create DIY games, such as hoop toss - spray paint wine bottles to match your colour scheme and set them out in formation along with a hoop for players to toss.

Botanical Wedding Arches

Make the most of being outside and create a wedding arch made of lush green foliage and your favourite flowers. Go for something traditional like a white trellis with climbing roses, or go for something more modern like an arch made completely out of different greenery. Whatever you choose, it makes a great photo opportunity and you can also use it as part of your ceremony if you're getting married outdoors.

Outdoor Photobooth

Find a picturesque corner outside your wedding venue and set up an outdoor photobooth. Add a backdrop or a hanging frame which compliments the outdoor setting, and lay out plenty of props for your guests to use. You could set up a professional camera on a tripod, or set up a station for guests to prop up their smartphones to take the photos.

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