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Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favours are a great way to give your guests a little memento to remember your wedding day. But some wedding favours can be a bit rubbish and are likely to end up in the bin as soon as the big day is over. To avoid wasting money on gifts that won’t get treasured, here are a few of our favourite ideas for wedding favours your guests will love.

Something to Drink

Whether it’s a drink your guests can enjoy on the day, or something they can take home to add to their cocktail cart, a drinkable favour always goes down well. Think mini bottles of champagne or prosecco with a personalised label, or a miniature bottle of spirits tailored to each guest’s taste.

You could even try making a homemade wedding favour like a mini bottle of homemade sloe gin for each guest. If you fancy going all-out with your drinkable wedding favours, why not create a cocktail kit? Include a mini spirit, mini mixer and a garnish so guests can whip up their own personalised cocktails.

Something to Grow

If you want to give your guests a wedding favour they will love and cherish for years to come, why not give them a plant to grow? Cacti and succulents not only look pretty, but they’re low maintenance too - they make a great gift for everyone, even those who aren’t green fingered!

You could also create a little “grow your own” kit with a small plant pot and packet of seeds for each guest to grow at home. Finish it off with a personalised message asking guests to “sow the seeds of love”. Every time they look at their plant, they’ll be reminded of your beautiful wedding.

Something to Eat

Edible wedding favours are also really popular with guests. There can often be a lot of waiting around between the wedding ceremony, the speeches and the wedding breakfast, so why not create a little tuck shop bag your guests can nibble on whilst you’re busy getting photos taken? Put together a little bag of retro sweeties and chocolates, or create a pix and mix stand so guests can make up their own personalised bags.

Alternatively, make some homemade treats for guests to take home, such as macarons, fudge, chocolates, jam or chutney. You could even made an edible wedding favour that guests can make at home - in an empty jam jar, layer the dry ingredients for cookies or brownies, then write a tag with baking instructions.

What are your favourite kind of wedding favours?

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