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Wedding Trend: Feasting Menus

Long gone are the days of having a traditional three course wedding breakfast. Now, wedding meals are a much more relaxed affair. Couples are choosing everything from street food trucks to hog roasts, and (our personal favourite!) feasting menus.

What is a feasting menu?

Feasting menus are one of the biggest wedding trends at the moment. As the name suggests, a feasting menu is a relaxed, casual style of wedding dinner with lots of different dishes. Instead of having three set courses, guests can choose from an array of dishes, usually served family-style in big dishes or on sharing platters. A feasting menu can include any type of food or cuisine, although seasonal dishes tend to work really well.

Why choose a feasting menu for your wedding?

We love feasting menus because they give couples the chance to have a more personalised, customisable menu. With more variety on offer, you can cater for all tastes and appetites, and include modern dishes which wouldn’t normally make it onto a traditional wedding menu.

Feasting menus also create a more relaxed and sociable atmosphere, encouraging guests to chat to each other and share food. It’s just like being round the dining table with your family for Sunday lunch - but on a much bigger scale!

What should you include in a feasting menu?

The beauty of a feasting menu is that you can include whatever you want. It’s best to stick to a general theme or cuisine (such as seasonal summer dishes or Mediterranean-inspired dishes), with a few key focal dishes and lots of sides, salads and accompaniments.

We love ‘carve at the table’ roasts, which are perfect for a wedding feasting menu. Assign the role of carver to someone at each table, then dish out delicious boards of roasted meat - we love slow cooked lamb for this, or succulent roast beef. Accompany this with an array of side dishes, like rosemary roast potatoes, seasonal wilted greens, caramelised carrots and parsnips and rocket and feta salad.

You can choose to serve everything at once, or take things out in a more traditional three course fashion. With our wedding feasting menus, we love to start off with a selection of antipasti and small bites, then follow it up with the main dishes (like a ‘carve at the table’ roast and accompaniments), and have a dessert table set up for guests to help themselves when they're ready for afters.

Feasting menu dishes

If you’re looking for ideas of dishes to include on your wedding feasting menu, here are a few of our favourites.

  • Chicken, lemon and chickpea tagine with herbed couscous
  • Stuffed aubergine with za’atar and tabbouleh
  • Sweet potato, feta and rocket salad
  • Marinated peaches with mozzarella and basil
  • Beetroot and goats cheese filo tarts
  • Quinoa with Mediterranean roasted vegetables and pesto

Getting married soon and fancy having a feasting menu on your big day? Check out our Wedding Catering page to find out more about our services in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and South London.

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