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Wedding Trend: Alternative Wedding Cakes

One of 2018’s biggest wedding trends is going to be alternative wedding cakes. Long gone are the days when everyone had to have a traditional, three-tier white wedding cake. Now couples can be much more creative, and choose a cake which really reflects their style and personality.

Whether you’re not a fan of traditional fruit cake, or you just fancy trying something different at your wedding, here are some of the biggest alternative wedding cake trends to look out for.

Wedding Cheese Cake

We don’t mean a dessert cheesecake… we mean a cake make of actual cheese! Perfect if you enjoy savoury options over sweet, a cheese cake is a really fun alternative wedding cake. The cake itself is made up of several wheels of cheese, and it’s usually served with a selection of crackers, bread, chutney and fruit. We love the idea of using local British cheeses - perhaps one from the area you first met, one from where you got engaged, one from where you live and one from where the wedding is taking place. Don’t forget to decorate with edible flowers and a cheesy cake topper!

Doughnut Stack Wedding Cake

A doughnut stack cake is ideal for a laid-back, low-key wedding. If you don’t want a traditional cake but still want something sweet, a doughnut stack is perfect. Choose a couple of your favourite flavours of doughnut and layer them up in a pyramid. Decorate with icing, plus foliage and fresh flowers to match your colour scheme.

Breakfast Wedding Cake

If you love brunch as much as we do, you might want to consider a breakfast wedding cake. This is another big wedding trend for 2018, and a great way to incorporate your favourite morning meal into your wedding. Rather than sponge or fruitcake, the cake is made up of layers of waffles and pancakes. Serve with toppings like whipped cream frosting, fresh fruit, melted chocolate and maple syrup.

Macaron Tower Wedding Cake

We’ve noticed more and more couples choosing a macaron tower instead of a wedding cake, and it’s set to remain a big wedding trend for 2018. The dainty macarons are arranged on a tower display, and are often arranged in colour layers to give the effect of cake tiers. We love ombre macaron towers with macarons of the same hue going from light at the top to dark at the bottom. Macarons are best served with a cup of tea or a glass of champagne!

Savoury Pork Pie Wedding Cake

Another great savoury wedding cake trend is the pork pie cake. Made from tiers of delicious pork pies, this cake looks very striking and is sure to be a hit with your guests. You could even try different pie fillings, or add in some savoury cheese layers to the cake.

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