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Summer Wedding Trends for 2018

Summer wedding season is officially underway! We’re looking forward to helping lots of brides and grooms celebrate this summer.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the top summer wedding trends for 2018, and here are a few of our favourites that are sure to be huge this year.

Pops of Colour

Bright colours are always popular for summer weddings, but this year’s trend is to opt for just one pop of colour. Go for neutral and white hues throughout, complimented with a bright pop of your favourite colour. Think bright pink flower arrangements, turquoise bridesmaid dresses or orange table runners. Whatever colour you choose, stick to just one colour for a modern and contemporary look.


A really fun trend for summer weddings in 2018 is to use balloons as part of the decor. Use lots of balloons shaped into wreaths, arches or hanging decorations to add some quirky decor to your wedding. We love peachy, pink and white hued balloons suspended from the ceiling above the top table. Balloons can also make fun table decorations, or a great backdrop for photo booths.

Experiential Dining

This summer, many weddings will involve “experiential dining”. Rather than a traditional three course meal served in the usual way, look out for ways of serving that get guests involved in the meal. Think a chef cooking on open coals, carving roasts at the table, or choosing what you like at street food trucks.

Glass Marquees

Marquees are always a great option for summer weddings, but this year they’re going luxe. Rather than a tent-style marquee, opt for one with a glass roof so you can dine and dance under the stars. Decorate with fairy lights and hanging foliage for a truly magical setting on a summer evening.

Unusual Wedding Venues

Traditional wedding venues are out this summer, and unusual venues are in! Think outside the box when it comes to booking your summer wedding venue. You could opt for everything from you local historic library to your favourite restaurant, or even a pop-up venue on a farm.

Tropical Fruit Centrepieces

Add a touch of tropical summer charm to your wedding centrepieces by making use of fruit. Think watermelons, pineapples, citrus fruits and and pomegranates. If you can, work with your florist and use fresh fruit for a decadent, stunning centrepiece. If you don’t fancy fresh fruit, look out for quirky ornaments and decorations, such as watermelon bunting or gold pineapple candleholders to create a gorgeously fruit tables cape.

If you need help organising your summer wedding, check out our Weddings page to find out more. We can help with wedding catering, decor services and events co-ordination in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and South London:

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