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Drinks Trends for Your Summer Wedding

If you’re attending a wedding this summer, you’re likely to get much more than just a standard glass of prosecco. This year, there are lots of fun and unusual drinks trends to look out for.

From DIY bars to alcoholic slushies, here are a few of our favourite drinks trends for summer weddings in 2018.


Frosé (aka frozen rosé) is a fun and refreshing alternative to serving wine at your drinks reception. It’s made by blending together rosé wine with strawberries, ice, sugar and a dash of lemon juice. If you want to make things a little stronger, add a measure of vodka to give it a kick.

A fabulously sweet and summery cocktail, frosé is perfect for a hot, sunny day at an outdoor wedding reception. This pink drink is basically a grown-up version of a slushie, so it’s great for brides and grooms who want a fun and relaxed wedding.

DIY Bellini Bars

DIY prosecco stations and bellini bars have been a big trend over the past few years, and there’s no sign of them disappearing any time soon! Set up an area where guests can make their own bellinis at your wedding for something a little bit interactive.

Make sure to include a few flavours of fruit puree (such as peach, strawberry, raspberry or mango) to add to prosecco or champagne. Add some other accompaniments, like slices of fresh fruit, edible glitter or popping juice balls, along with some nice glassware and a cute sign, and hey presto you’ve got your own bellini bar!

Craft Cider

Craft beer has been huge recently, but now it’s the turn of craft cider. Perfect for country garden weddings this summer, cider is a classic British drink. If you can, choose a selection of ciders from your local area to serve at your drinks reception.

Look out for different varieties of craft cider to make sure you have something all your guests will enjoy. Opt for a traditional scrumpy cider, classic apple cider or more unusual fruit fusions, such as elderflower, strawberry or ginger cider.

Sorbet Cocktails

Another big wedding drinks trend this summer will be sorbet cocktails. Putting a sophisticated spin on an ice cream float, sorbet cocktails are the perfect summer drink for an elegant wedding.

There are lots of different recipes to choose from and endless flavour combinations. Why not try a raspberry champagne float with raspberry sorbet, champagne and fresh raspberries, or a blood orange gin fizz with blood orange sorbet, gin, tonic and mint? Whatever you choose, make sure you have a fruity sorbet along with something fizzy to get the best results.

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