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Summer Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

We've noticed some lovely new wedding cake trends popping up at weddings this summer, and thought it was only fair to share the inspiration with you! Whether you're a fan of classic styles or fancy a modern take on wedding cake, here are some of our favourite summer wedding cake trends for 2018.

Watercolour Wedding Cakes

A gorgeous update on the ombre cake trend, watercolour wedding cakes use a mix of beautiful hues painted on in a watercolour style to create a stunning wedding cake. This trend works best with pastel colours like dusky rose, pale mint or lavender washing together with cream or white icing. Let the watercolour style icing stand out by keeping the rest of the cake nice and simple - top with a few fresh flowers or berries and add a subtle dusting of gold leaf.

Botanical Wedding Cakes

Speaking of fresh flowers, botanical cakes have also been a big wedding trend this summer. For a beautiful boho wedding cake, use edible flowers to create a pretty cascading arrangement. Not only will it look stunning, it's all edible too! If you want something a little more out there, use cacti or succulents to create a statement wedding cake topper - just make sure to remove them before serving the cake!

Wedding Drip Cakes

Drip cakes have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and this summer they have been more popular than ever. Dripping icing, chocolate or ganache creates a gorgeously decadent looking wedding cake which is modern but not too "out there". Use a traditional white tiered cake as the base, then drip your choice of topping from the top and sides of each layer, and finish with trailing flowers or clusters of fruit for decoration.

Metallic Wedding Cakes

Whether copper, gold or silver is your favourite, it'll look great on your wedding cake in this latest trend. Add as much or as little metallic sparkle as you like with gold leaf, sprayed-on metallic paint or edible glitter. Go for a glamorous art-deco look, or keep it rustic (and tie it in with the trend above!) with dripping gold icing over a naked cake.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are traditionally quite prim and proper, with perfect, smooth white fondant icing. But these days, many couples are opting for more relaxed wedding and want their cake to reflect this. Buttercream wedding cakes still look stunning (and taste delicious!) but they have more of a homemade, rustic feel. They look perfectly imperfect and help to add a bit of personality to your wedding cake.

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