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Wedding Cake Trends for 2019

If you’re getting married in 2019 and are putting the finishing touches to your wedding plans, take a look at these wedding cake trends for 2019 to get some inspiration. If you fancy something a little less traditional and a little more on-trend, you’ll love these wedding cake ideas!

One-Tiered Cakes

Sometimes, simple is best. If you’re having a small, intimate wedding celebration, then embrace the trend for one-tiered cakes. Rather than three (or more) layers of cake, opt for a single layer of cake, decorated with simple white buttercream and fresh floral or fruit garnishes. If you’re having a slightly larger wedding, go for several single-layer cakes on a dessert table for a modern take on wedding cake. This also means you can serve several types and flavours of cakes, ensuring everyone gets a slice of their favourite!

Fern Decorations

Floral and botanical cake decorations have been trending for the last few years, but this year it’s all about the ferns. Although real ferns aren’t edible, they make a unique and beautiful decorations for cake toppers, or can be laid around the base of the cake for a rustic look. Alternatively, opt for hand-painted ferns on the side of your cake, or edible versions made from sugar.

Printed Wedding Cakes

Speaking of hand-painted wedding cakes, we predict printed wedding cakes will become a big trend in 2019. Inspired by the designs of Mediterranean tiles, these printed cakes make a statement and look (almost!) too pretty to eat. If you want to make this trend a little more subtle, opt for very pale blue or grey to create the design.

Square Wedding Cakes

The vast majority of wedding cakes are round, but in 2019 we’ll start to see lots of square and geometric wedding cakes emerging. This look is super modern, giving a contemporary edge to your wedding. Go bold with dark, matte colours, or make things a little softer with pastel colours, marbling and gold leaf.

White Textured Cakes

If you’re worried your white wedding cake might look a bit boring, embrace the trend for textured cakes. Add interest to your cake and take it from plain to elegant by adding lace detailing, embossing, sugar flowers or piping work. Keep the colour scheme completely white for a contemporary, classy look.

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